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Arrow Master “Smart Pool”

With our combination of specially selected pool equipment we can provide you with a swimming pool that can almost take care of itself, dramatically limiting your maintenance of the pool.  With our automation systems we can allow full control of your swimming pool from any smart device or networked computer.

The components of an Arrow Master “Smart Pool”

VS Pumps – Variable speed pumps are one of the newest additions to the pool industry – these pumps can change their RPMs thus changing their water output.  These pumps will save dramatic amounts on energy costs when compared to standard single and dual speed pool pumps.

Chlorine/ORP and pH control – We can combine chlorine generation systems along with technology used in commercial pools for decades.  These systems are even more automated than a standard chlorine generator as they can change the output of the chlorine generator to match the demand of the pool’s water.  They can also inject CO2 gas to lower the pH of the pool, offsetting the pH rise experienced during chlorine generation.  This creates an extra layer of automation reducing the need for day to day management of the pool.

High capacity cartridge filters – Our cartridge filters offer over 450 square feet of filtering ability.  Their unique design allows for an incredible hydraulic stability not offered by any other filter on the market currently.  This reduces costs for operation and the required maintenance of the swimming pool.  Often our filters can go an entire season without needing a cleaning.

Smart Automation – Our automation packages allow the pool to be networked into the home and to any smart device which gives you full control of your swimming pool from just about anywhere.  Utilizing a friendly interface you can quickly adjust temperatures, turn on any electrical device, adjust lighting colors, set sanitizer and pH levels* (only with the required equipment), see air temperature and weather, as well as built-in automatic functions such as protecting your equipment from freeze damage.

Turbo Clean – This in floor cleaning system unique to Arrow Master Pools is a fantastic addition to be considered if building a new swimming pool.  Strategically placed cleaning heads that sit flush with the interior lift during a cleaning cycle directing jets of water around the pool which will help keep dirt suspended.  These systems can all but eliminate the need to vacuum a pool and enhance the system circulation as well as create thorough temperature distribution throughout the water column.


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