• Renovation with Bead Crete
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Bead Crete – the most brilliant finish for your pool.

What you ask could possibly make a Pebble Tec pool look even more glamorous?  How about some polished glass beads that will take that diamond like luster of water to the next level?  The Bead Crete series from Pebble Technology International introduces three new lines of interior finishes; the Crystal, Luminous and Fiesta.

Bead Crete finishes are the combination of either all polished glass beads or a mixture of natural stones and glass beads.  The glass pebbles similar to their natural stone pebble cousins, will imbue your pool finish with excellent stain resistance, durability, unique personality and rich water color.

Each finish has its unique color characteristics:

Crystal Series is an elegant all glass bead pool finish that brings unique combination of brilliance and natural color to your swimming pool. With the constant changing angle of the daytime sun, your pool finish will reflect crystal-like accents of light in a beautiful array of hues and shades.

Luminous Series creates a finish that is truly unique by combining the natural beauty of PebbleTec® and PebbleSheen® finishes with an accent of our original and iridescent glass beads. Like a natural beach which shimmers and changes in the sunlight, your pool finish will illuminate with accents of color as the sun moves across the sky.

For the Luminous Series finish you can select from any of their existing Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen series color and add one of three pre sorted mixes of glass beads.  The blue blend resembles chips of rich aquamarine and dark sapphire colored spheres.  The Jade blend captures the iridescent appeal of darker stones along with blue and green highlights.   Lastly, the Emerald blend is more subtle mix of earthier colors highlighted by brilliant emerald colored glass beads.

Fiesta Series combines the vibrance of an all glass bead pool finish with a unique blend of color combinations to create a look that is one-of-a-kind.

Any of the Pebble Technology finishes you purchase will offer unparalleled durability and elegance; however, there is a level of lavishness that can only be found in a Bead Crete finish that has to be observed in person to completely appreciate.   We at Arrow Master Pools installed the Luminous Series Tahoe Blue with a blue mix in our pool fountain, and I must say that the hype is well deserved; when the sun’s direct light hits those glass beads the water dances in a way that is simply mesmerizing.


Written by Arrow Master Pools