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Fire & Water Features

As humans we find elements in the raw inspiring… like a majestic ocean sunrise reflecting diamonds off an endless ocean, or the kiss of a summer breeze over the background sounds of a trickling creek, or maybe the orchestral sounds of crickets serenading you while huddling up to the warmth of a campfire.  Whatever the case, there is no denying the impact and feeling created by natural elements when used effectively in design.  Just a swimming pool can be transformed into backyard that can literally rejuvenate your soul.

Sound overly dramatic?  Well maybe a tad, but then again maybe not…

Water features are a cost effective way to add elegance as well as a peaceful auditory ambience to your backyard; ranging from a soft comforting trickle of water to an imposing cascade capable of drowning out the neighborhood noise.  The choices of designs on the palette are virtually endless when it comes to water features, as they can be customized to your specific tastes in many aspects.  Some examples of common water features are waterfalls, artificial creeks, cascades, rain features, laminar jets, infinity edges, deck jumpers, fountain nozzles, and sconces.

One of the current trends in backyard design is the use of fire bowls that have the option of having a waterfall built into them (such as the ones offered by Pebble Technologies International).  This offers a more cost affective approach to incorporate two separate types of pool features that also offers a certain level of customization in its details (such as the shape of the bowl and the aggregate style inside the bowl).  You can also add fire features in a variety of other ways to compliment your design such as: social fire pits, fire circles, modular outdoor fire places, or BBQ pits to name a few.

By adding a social fire pit or a well placed water feature you can create versatility in your backyard design, allowing it to take on other identities and functions rather than just a swimming pool.  Just think of having your best buds crowding around that comforting glow of a natural wood fire as you enjoy the sounds of water gently trickling into your pool.  Or perhaps a nice warm spa would entice you more? Imagine relaxing in your spa while bubbles gently caress your arms and a cascade of warm water gently flows over your head and shoulders?   Is there a better way to end a long day other than relaxing in your OWN backyard and staring up at the night sky above?  I don’t think so do you?


Written by Arrow Master Pools