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Your pool plan begins with your dream. 

Take time to envision your pool and the backyard environment as you would like it to be, so you can live your outdoor entertaining lifestyle to the fullest. A pool should be designed in concert with your plans for your patio, outdoor kitchen, gardening and play area. Whether or not we participate in your landscaping, we need to understand and contribute to the plans so all elements of the finished poolscape are integrated and provide complementing visual lines and traffic flow.  We can make your dream a reality. Talk to our experts. They’ll show you how almost anything is possible with an Arrow Master Pool design.

New Pool & Spa Construction

What pool shape and design is right for your family?

Our design consultants will assist you in determining the right pool design, size and location for you. We will work with all the professionals involved in the project to ensure it complements both your home and landscaping. The following are factors that will affect the specifications of your pool.

Geometric or Traditional Shapes
Natural or Freeform Shapes
  • The size of your family and expected number of guests help determine the pool dimensions.
  • Your planned pool use such as swimming laps, playing sports and making a shallow area for young children are some of the factors used in determining the shape, length and depth of the design.
  • The yard size, terrain and township or subdivision association guidelines or regulations on lot set-back or coverage could affect your project size.
  • Your home’s architecture style and your entertainment lifestyle have an impact on the pool shape, surrounding layout and materials.

Investing in a pool is an investment in your home and your lifestyle. Together we can work out a plan that suits your budget and your dreams.

Custom concrete swimming pools are considered the pinnacle of quality for in-ground pool construction with good reason. They are designed with almost unlimited customization options of size, shape, depth and structural features.  Materials such as real or faux stone, pebble interior finishes, boulder work, pavers, LED lighting, and landscaping can be incorporated into their designs. Each pool is custom designed and is structurally unique. A greater creative approach is possible, including vanishing edges, fountains, waterfalls, and freeform designs to blend into and accent a home’s theme or landscaping feature. While concrete pools generally are more expensive and take longer to build, they are worth it.  They last a lifetime and are truly an investment in your home and lifestyle.

What to expect in the construction process


There are four main phases in pool building:  Design, Permitting, Construction, Finishing work and Landscaping.

Your pool will be built by Arrow Master Pools employees with only a few exceptions.  For some specialized functions we do use strategic partner-contractors that meet our standards for both quality and timeliness.  We manage the overall timelines and quality.

  • Designing your backyard living area can take from several days to several months depending on the scope of your project and how well defined your vision.
  • Permitting your pool can involve engineering, survey and grading plans, obtaining building permits, financing arrangements and locating the pool design in your backyard. Permitting takes a minimum of three weeks but can take much longer.
  • The construction phase involves the excavation, plumbing, rebar, gunite application, filtration equipment installation, gas and electric hookups,  tile installation, coping and or decking, then finally the interior finish.  There may be more steps if there is to be a slide or waterfall, or other accessory features.
  • Pool finishing  All earth moving and major work stages need to be completed prior to installing the interior finish and  filling the pool with water.
  • The deck and landscaping phase needs to be coordinated with the pool construction, depending on access issues relating to retaining walls, fencing, masonry work, walkways, pool decking and tree planting.
New Construction

Automation, Safety and Maintenance

The following features are primary considerations in any design done by Arrow Master Pools.   We want you to be aware of the options and features available to make the operation of your pool simple and to minimize its maintenance.   Safety is always an important consideration that is covered not only by regulations but by a wide range of options to meet your specific needs and concerns.   Here are some of these features that need to be considered at the time of construction.

  • Jets pop up from the floor to direct the dirt to a drain
  • Ease of coverage keeps the dirt out
  • Keeps the water in balance to reduce risk of algae problems
  • Filters for months without the need for backwashing
  • Automates an integrated pool management system
  • Makes sure your pool is always full without ever lifting a finger or a hose
  • The durability of stone with the elegance and beauty of mother nature.

Beautifying your pool and back yard not only adds more value to your home, it enhances your family’s outdoor entertaining lifestyle.  Adding versatility to your backyard allows it to be enjoyed throughout all the seasons.  Creating a fun family environment for parties and entertainment, is one of the best ways to keep your family spending quality time together during those hot summer months.  With our specialized 3D software we can create conceptual renderings of your backyard to help materialize the backyard of your dreams!

With our Master Pool Guild affiliation, we can bring architecture style from across the country to your backyard as well as the peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with the top echelon in the industry.