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Arrow Master Pool & Spa Services

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Arrow Master Pools is one of the most experienced swimming pool service companies in the greater Lehigh Valley  and Central New Jersey areas, providing customer care for over 50 years.  We are a factory-trained warranty and service station for the most popular of brands.  With our focus on continual education and our affiliation with the Master Pools Guild, you can count on Arrow Master Pools being familiar with the newest swimming pool technologies as well exhibiting mastery over current practices.

  • Seasonal pool opening and closings
  • Swimming Pool / Spa Maintenance
  • Equipment servicing – filter cleaning, heater repairs or pump repairs
  • Safety Inspections and VGB compliance
  • Automation, networking and modernizing of pool equipment.
  • Safety covers design and installation
  • Leak detection / remedial service
  • Chemistry / Algae correction
  • Color LED light conversions
  • Energy Saving / Green technology incorporation
Omnilogic Wireless Pool Interface

Wireless remote control – Control your pool from anywhere!   
Wireless technology has entered the pool industry.  Through app or web browser interface you can control your automation system from anywhere with internet or cellular service. Giving you control of your lighting, pumps, water features, sanitation and heaters all at the touch of a button without having to go manually interact with the pool equipment.   Let Arrow Master Pools and our knowledge of remote-control systems give you the level of ease and convenience in pool ownership you’re looking for.

Options to reduce maintenance and reoccurring operational expense.

With the new automation packages and sanitation supplementation technologies, Arrow Master Pools can give your pool a greater level of ease in ownership then most pool owners know is available.  We specialize in incorporating these technologies to create a more autonomous pool for you, increasing the time you and your family can spend enjoying it!

    • Automatic sanitation and pH control, chlorine generation, UV sanitation, ozonation & other supplemental technologies
    • Large capacity filtration systems
    • Advanced chemistry systems such as our borate program
    • Networked automation centers
    • Robotic pool cleaners that propel themselves around your pool brushing and vacuuming for you
    • Variable Flow pumps which offer remarkable energy cost savings
    • Venturi driven return fittings for increased circulation and energy savings


I reached out after inquiring many of other services about refurbishing my pool and the service they provided was absolutely phenomenal. They took my original eyesore and made it to my outdoor retreat.



I have been using this company for my pool needs for years. The staff is always professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I recommend this place the next time you needs pool supplies or servicing.



This is hands down the best customer service you will find! If you want a company that will go out of their way for you then this is the place for you!



Best service ever. They installed my pool two years ago and any little issues I've had they have helped immediately. Great customer service and prompt return of calls. I would def recommend them to anyone.



Wonderful experience with an honest, knowledgeable company! Their prices are fair for all the years of experience they bring to the table with their technicians. The willingness to help solve issues the best they can was surprising and greatly appreciated.



I love working with Arrow Master Pools! They are a wonderful company. They are always cheerful when I call and ask a question or two. .. They are always thinking of what else they can do to make a pool as easy as possible. I would highly recommend Arrow Master Pools if you have a pool & live in the Center Valley area.  



The friendliest and most knowledgeable pool pros! I take all my pool questions and needs to Arrow Master and come away knowing that I have been well taken care of! Recently, I was in a pinch with broken equipment and a green pool. Within 3 days the folks at Arrow had my pool back up and running with crystal clear results! 5 Stars!!